Lilac English Bulldog; Info, Puppy, Cost & Facts

One of the most unique dog breeds in the world is the Lilac English dog. The dog has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. We have seen in recent times that many new homes are opening their door for the lilac dogs to come and live with them because of how amazing they are. They’re the showstoppers

Lilac English Bulldog

Everyone like something unique that is uncommon and Lilac English bulldog is the best in that position but there are some important things you should know before bringing a lilac dog into your house.

Do you know what lilac is? Yes, it is just a dog but let me tell you that there is more to it. In this article, we will be looking into the foundation of lilac English bulldogs, growth, health issues, breeders, and a whole lot. Sit back and read gently.

What is Lilac English Bulldog? – The History Of The English Bulldog

The history of Lilac English bulldogs is different from many other bulldogs. During King John’s rule in the 13th century, this breed of dog was developed. They were created to serve in a bloody sport called “bull-baiting.”

Most likely, you’ve never heard of the sport this breed of dog was named for. That’s because England outlawed animal blood sports back in 1835. Early in the 18th century, the bulldog faced extinction.

Lilac bulldogs became so popular around 1886 in Britain and the united states after they were transformed. Their physical shapes were purified, they were transformed from being a fighting dogs into a loyal buddy, and their looks were more attractive. The temperament was tuned down, and the English bulldog became a sweet and kind pet. All these new development make AKC immediately identify them as a breed.

Since then bulldogs have remained the best choice of pet even after WW2.

Does AKC Recognize Lilac Bulldogs?

An English bulldog is a bulldog, a canine breed approved by the American Kennel Club (AKC). Your bully will always be a part of the AKC, regardless of color. It has been that way since the late 1800s, after all!

Every uncommon color does not have an AKC color designation. Solid black is the only color that is prohibited.

When attempting to register a dog with the AKC, you will nonetheless not discover the color lilac. The dog must be listed under “other colors,” as that is the only option that works for this color.

It may look unfair but to Akc, it is the best option for them.

Appearances, Size, Temperament of Lilac Bulldogs

When you heard the word “Massive” then you should just know that they were referring to English Bulldogs.

They are of medium size, yet their bodies are massive, thickly built, and low to the ground. Additionally, the body is strong and short-faced, with broad shoulders and limbs that are coated in a smooth coat.

When compared to a French bulldog or an American bulldog, an English bulldog can always be distinguished by its broad, wide nose, short muzzle, and round cheeks.

There are variations of a standard bulldog which include fawn, white, brindle, lilac, black, blue, chocolate, and seal

Lilac merle English bulldog

English bulldogs of the lilac color kind can also be black and have tan tips. Although the color has been diluted twice, this is not a serious problem. Short and silky describe the coat. The body is low-slung and muscular. English bulldogs in lilac colorations are wonderful family pets. A lilac English bulldog has a powerful build and a short, silky coat.

  • Fawn: The first known fawn bully was documented in England in 1789. The color of this coat ranges from light tan to dark deer red.
  • White: which is also known as a platinum bulldog is entirely white from head to toe. However, different colored freckles are still conceivable.
  • Brindle: is a traditional bully pattern, Every time a bulldog is mentioned, you’ll probably picture it in this color. These dogs have a base color that is a different color and a striped design.
  • Lilac: is an uncommon shade of color. The black and blue colors of the lilac English bulldog have both been subtracted from their original shades of black. This diluting process yields a gorgeous purple-lilac hue.
    Some lilacs may have sparkling blue eyes or a brown undercoat. However, their pads, eyeliner, and nose are virtually always purple.
  • Black: These bullies have a beautiful black topcoat over a brown undercoat. Deep black also characterizes the pads, nose, and eyeliner. Black tri is an alternative to black bully (a black and white coat with tan-colored points).
  • Blue: is merely a black one that the dd genotype has lightened in hue. The coat sparkles grey in the sunlight, while the pads, nose, and eyeliner are slate gray.
  • Chocolate: The bb genotype is what gave them this hue. The pads, nose, and eyeliner may all be a chocolate or liver color, but their coats are the most stunning rich chocolate-brown color.
  • Seal-colored: The rarest of all of them is undoubtedly the bulldog. With light-colored eyes and a dark stripe running down their backs, they have a reddish or brown coat. Typically, the tail and legs are darker than the body as a whole.
  • Tri-colored: Three colors are used by the bulldogs in a particular pattern. Above their eyes, on the cheeks, chest, and inner front legs, the points of a third hue are typically visible. These points are typically a shade of fawn or golden brown.

The lilac English bulldog is without a doubt the one that everyone’s eyes and hearts are drawn to among these gorgeous English bulldog puppies.

Lilac bulldogs

Lilac’s English Bulldog Genotype

Lilac bulldogs have a black coat that has been dyed twice. They are now two times as cute as before. Lilac is the product of the full blue and full chocolate genes coming together.

The chocolate gene causes the first dilution, and the blue gene causes the second. Black is first diluted by the bb to brown, and then by the dd to blue. You can create the precise color of lilac by combining brown and blue.

The purple coat is very similar to the one a grey Weimerainer wears. It should be glossy and have a wide range of light and dark tones. It seems seal-colored in the sunlight. Depending on the lighting, some even have an undercoat that glows pink or green.

Lilac English bulldog price

If you want to purchase a lilac bulldog then you first need to find a breeder with Lilac English bulldog puppies for sale. The traditional colors are red, fawn, and white and they cost around $2,600. If you want to buy the irregular one then you should have a higher bid because it is more costly.

Below are the amazing undersized English bulldogs out there:

  • Blue Sable: A dog with a red base and a silvery sheen to its coat. Their eyes are typically hazel or green/blue. On their face, chest, and legs, they have a faint tri marking. The starting price range for this kind is $4,500 to $5,000.
  • Red Sable: This bulldog is believed to be a normal breed. Their tri markings are faint, and they usually cost $3,000 to $3,500.
  • Merle: The most recent color addition is Merle. They are available in three colors: blue, black, and chocolate. Their topcoat is deeper and their undercoat is blue.
  • lilac sable: The lilac sable costs about $5,000 to $6,000, making it somewhat less expensive than the lilac tri. Sables vary in hue from pale to black, but all have very luminous, glowing eyes. This dog typically has a champagne hue.
  • Chocolate tri: This bulldog is also in high need. Their coat is dark brown with tan points on the legs, face, and eyes. Their nose is brown.
  • black tri: The legs, eyes, and chest of the blue tri have tan tips, and its coat is silver overall. Typically, their eyes are blue or green. You will need to pay between $5,000 and $7,000 to own this Bulldogge.
  • Chocolate brindle or blue brindle, or trindle: On the chocolate brindle, the brindling is either blue/silver or chocolate. You’ll need to spend $3,500 to $4,000 to purchase one of these puppies.
  • Blue Tri: The blue tri eyes are usually blue or green. It has a silver coat with tan points on the eyes, legs, and chest. The bulldog cost around $5,500 to $7,000
  • lilac tri: The most expensive and difficult-to-find hue is the lilac tri, which is also the favorite. They have a base coat color of chocolate with a blue gene that changes it to a champagne hue. Among all unusual varieties, the eye color is the brightest and can range from azure blue to green or icy blue. What is the price of the lilac tri? incredible $7,300 to $9,000!

The eumelanin pigment is yet another characteristic that sets this color apart. A dog carrying the merle gene will be fair in color. The gene MLPH, or melanophilin, is present in lilac English bulldogs. The lilac gene is transcribed as Isabella in French Bulldogs. The French Bulldog also possesses two lilac-producing genes. The “D” genotype has a lighter shade of blue which we already talked about above.

Lilac tri English Bulldog

Lilac English bulldogs are the same color as black bulldogs exactly, but they come in two different tones: blue and dark brown. There are not many blue-eyed dogs, and the characteristic is recessive. The eyes of lilac are either wall-blue or crystal blue.

The English Bulldog rarely exhibits this color. In general, it has a darker coat than a Piebald Bulldog. A Piebald English Bulldog has black and white markings on its body. The last form of English bulldog is the lilac variety, which is one of the most uncommon breeds. Its coat is double-dyed in shades of blue and brown and could have an undercoat of fawn. The snout and footpads of a lilac English Bulldog are other possibilities.

The gorgeous coat pattern of the lilac English bulldog sable is mostly a product of the breed’s gene pool. A lilac English bulldog’s base coat is dark brown, and the color comes from the union of two genes. They can be a combination of two or more and share the same genes as blue and tan. It is a distinctive breed to look at because this coat style is uncommon.

Lilac english puppy

Lilac English Bulldog puppy

The color of a Lilac tri English bulldog is its most distinguishing feature. While the Lilac tri color is a more uncommon variation, a Piebald Bulldog has two colors on its coat. It is produced by diluting the color twice to give the impression that blue and brown have been combined. It might even have purple nose pads. The first step in choosing an English bulldog with a Lilac tri color is to decide on the color.

The price of a Lilac tri can be comparable to that of a Blue tri, and they are equally pricey. Finding a trustworthy breeder is crucial before purchasing one, though, as the cost of these puppies varies substantially.

This breed’s common characteristic is color. This bulldog often has a shiny coat with a brown undercoat. The face is a well-known image of bravery. Any owner would be happy to have a well-behaved bulldog as a buddy. However, this distinctive color has drawbacks. For starters, it can cost more than a typical tricolor. The expense and effort are worthwhile, though.

Lilac English Bulldog Breeders

Like we always say, The most common problem and challenge are finding a good and reputable breeder however things has become easier as there are now many dog breeders online here on the internet. Internet is the perfect place to find breeders but you still need to be careful to avoid getting into the hand of fraudsters.

When you are ready to buy your Lilac English bulldog, below are the list of reputable and trustworthy breeders’ website to get your breed.

  • Rare Bulldogs, Florida
  • Olde South Bulldogges
  • Shrink-a-bulls
  • Bulldog Breeders USA
  • Bulldog Angels

The above names and websites are the breeders where you can get your bulldog. These breeders are all well-known and only provide the very best offspring for sale. Simply decide if you want a lilac bulldog, American bulldog, or another unique one. There are articles where we talked about breeders and Dog names that you can check

shiba inu puppy

Taking Care of Lilac English Bulldogs

Even if you have experience in taking care of other bulldogs, it is worth learning and knowing how to treat Lilac bulldogs. If you have gotten your lilac puppy and you want to know how to take care of it then follow us below.

What to feed them: Because they have particular health issues, you don’t need to provide them with those elaborate dinners or expensive food. To ensure they receive a healthy diet, seek the advice of the veterinarian and feed them twice daily.

To avoid digestive problems, spend money on dog food made for tiny dog breeds and containing little wheat.

The budget for medical expenses: All bulldogs require specific care, but lilac-colored bulldogs in particular. All vaccinations for your dog must be current, along with regular checkups and dental care. Infections will be treated, and conditions will be managed early on to cut expenditures.

Plan on spending at least $500 a year for necessary immunizations and yearly checkups! Consider recommending health benefits that will cover the cost of the Expenditures.

Training and Exercise: You have the option of instructing them on your own or sending them to training. Bulldogs, fortunately, are intelligent creatures who quickly pick up commands, but you can teach them the rudiments on your own.

To avoid overheating while exercising, they are only permitted to take short, quick walks that don’t last longer than 15 minutes. To stop respiratory problems while playing, it need not be that difficult.

Love and affection: All of the bulldogs are observing and enjoying the displays of devotion! Because of this, you must be sure to send them more than enough to satisfy them. Offer them hugs and pets, and during training, keep up the positive reinforcement and compliments.


A lilac English bulldog’s soft, mushy face is hard to match by any other dog breed. Although these dogs may appear to be tough, their hearts are as tender as a chew toy!

Since Lilac English Bulldogs are unique, a lot of people desire to get one. You can bring an adorable buddy into your life in addition to a wonderful dog to show off. Similar to how lilac bulldogs are well-known for their love and protection of their owners, you’ll want one for both its beauty and both of these qualities.

Lilacs are quite pricey. However, spending money on one means spending money on a lifetime friendship.

Again! Everything you read is based on our research and you can always follow your wish and choice. GoodLuck!

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